Welcome ! As you may have guessed, you are the green dot on the world map – I love these graphic representations that put time and space in perspective… Mariannegb's Art is a many faceted site, so don’t hesitate to move your mouse and you will find many links that I gathered while on the way to my personal legend… The raindrops in the blue sky and the ochre earth are links to my earlier painting galleries. The more curious can discover the ‘bubbles’. Finally, those of you in a hurry can find the ‘Site Map’ by clicking the coeur
I wish you the best in the present moment and in the pleasure of meeting ….smile


٠· *°·•♥♫❀☀ ٠· *° 21.12.2001 / 21.12.2015 ☀❀♫♥* H A P P Y☀ B I R T H D A Y☀❀♫♥• ٠·*°·•♥♫❀☀ 







Thank you for the present of this end of year...I am delighted to be back on Good News after a long absence and just in time to blow 14 candles! 2016 is here and I am ready for new adventures!! I had lost the path to the connections after migrating my site and gave up on any future update… nevertheless I am glad I kept track of the link to my gallery at Drouot and as this gallery is really very professional, easy and practical, I got to like it and I shall continue to expose my new works on that site point but I shall keep this space for the small seasonal news and the updates of the various bubbles ... talking about bubbles, in the Peace Bubble (Bulle de Paix) some novelties await you with small presents for the parents who are a little tired in this festive period. The Four Toltec Chords told the children then Mozart - this excellent compilation provides a very good background music to put children asleep… wink to a mom who will recognize herself.... sapin

2016 will have its share of surprises and I hope I can quickly share them with you. I wish you the best of every moment, take care of yourselves, spend time with those that you love, with those who matter for you.
Happy New Year!

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


.......... H A P P Y ... B I R T H D A Y ...TO......... ... ... .... ..


3 décembre 2012




A mythical date, a mystic date, an astronomical or astrologic or galactic rendez-vous ??

Yes!... but no…!! there is more … an old world just ended and a new one has begun, the winter solstice is making our days brighter again and a new era is starting… December 21th also marks the anniversary of this web site !! Exactly 11 years today that this site is on-line !! …

On the occasion, I encourage you to visit my Bubbles of Peace… of Eternity and Friendship… Come on, enter the other side of the mirror… you will discover magical moments, experience quantum leaps through time… meet with others, with yourself, find the thread that will help you find your real self…

One thousand and one luminous wishes for a merry holiday season. A big thanks , and see you very soon as 2013 is just around the corner, with a selection of my works on displays at the Winter Show in Lausanne starting January !! Spread the word !!?

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


Surprise !! Surprise !!






One month vacation, full focus on my painting … I love it !!
But an unexpected exhibition came up - a three–part exhibition organised by ‘Place suisse des arts’ in its Summer show 2012 in Lausanne.
I will attend all three vernissages – you are welcome to meet me on Thursday August 2nd (work nbr 1), on Thursday August 23rd (work nbr 2) and on Thursday September 13 (work nbr 3) - from 6:30 p.m to 8:00 p.m.
You can find the location by clicking on this link
--> Place Suisse des Arts Rue du Valentin 32 / Lausanne The Summer show will close on 29 September 2012.. and the pictures --> ICI

The other good news… you can listen to and download my son’s mixtape ‘’"Trough your eyes"’’!

clique et écoute !!

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


Surprise !!

Le LHC ... excellente vidéo !! Soyez curieux  !!  :-)

Just under my feet… !!!

A new boson was discovered at the CERN: possibly the Higgs boson…

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


Changement de programme !!

First things: a happy birthday to my son GuyGEES !!

I had planned to welcome you at my next exhibition at the Verrière du Jardin Alpin.. but…
My name mysteriously disappeared from the list. My next exhibition at the Verrière is thus postponed for an unknown period of time since works are planned at the site.
And since nothing happens by chance and as a window opens each time a door closes…
You can see one of my paintings at Schilliger-Gland
from 14 May to 16 June, amid exotic plants, within the Collectif des Artistes au Service de la Paix exhibition.
This year’s theme is ‘’Let’s celebrate life’’ and I will be present at the vernissage on 31 May at 6:00 p.m.

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


+ + +•* * * * HAPPY BIRTHDAY * * * *•+ + +


Soyez curieux  !!  :-)

CERN.. pour voir les futures découvertes avec :> L'avis des "prix Nobel"











Hibernating? No… I had forgotten the birthday of my website 21 December 2001-21 December 2011 – 10 years already. Impressive. The sire received a little lifting, if only to improve its visibility. I reviewed each single page, navigating through the clouds, tested every link and added some surprises…

December 13 D-8 … Saint Lucy, her name meaning light. It is a beautiful day to start updating my Good News, that will exceptionally be a little longer than usual…. to the annoyance of my translator. A nice day indeed – starting with the confirmation that the Higgs boson has indeed been spotted at the CERN, near Geneva.

I grew up not far from the CERN. Over time, I became fascinated with the CERN, its passion for research and the mysteries of matter and of the universe at large. Alas, my neuronal connections did not lead me into Physics, but into Fairytales to find answers

I am now a grandmother, but still live close to the CERN and I am as fascinated as ever with their discoveries (remember it is where the WWW was born) and follow on the records they set, here, right under my feet. And with the recent and fantastic discovery of faster-than-light neutrinos … hmmmmm… are we about to enter a new dimension? … and then this nice comet with a cute name – Lovejoy – that will unite with the Sun… isn’t it all so beautiful?

My search was actually Quest. Armed with my curiosity and many questions, using my heart as compass, I went on side roads where the infinitely small meets the infinitely big, Here, There, You Me, the It and the Self, inside out and outside in, the marvelous touch of Chance… the mystical revealing possible … and Art of course, a play of colours and light, a quantum canticle on a background of Infinity… Ooops.. I need to focus on my pixels…

D-7 – the tempo picks up … and it is the 25th anniversary of the Enfoirés !! Great birthday and thanks for sharing!!

D-5 – this website has been a fairy-like adventure… with the early angels to whom I am still so thankful, Rahul who from his native India has kick-started me into this adventure, and specially Eric, thanks to whom I am now more or less able to maintain this site … and believe me it was not an easy task! But it certainly was worthwhile – proof be the the ‘Livre d’Or’, all the emails, the statistics and various counters that show me that eyes from 53 countries have read my pages, and there are regulars, returning frequently to look at my paintings and the feelings emanating from them, for the peaceful feeling or for the answers that can be found through the links in my ‘’Good News’’ , or mu ‘’Bulles’’ page. This is a great motivation for me.

D-3 Lovejoy (the comet) did not meet with the Sun. A quick kiss and then its long hair flowing over the Southern hemisphere…. And now my son has yet another new sound… Quickly add this to the ‘’Bubbles’’, with two or three other small news…

D+1 – Almost on time but right on the Solstice!! Thank you all for sharing my joy of being myself with this site…I would not be able to express who I am and what I do without your interest, your support and your requests.

I take this opportunity to wish you all the heaven in your hearts, the light from the stars in your souls and the sunshine in your lives, with lots of miracles in the magic of Christmas. And the very best in each moment of 2012 that I wish full of light, happiness and joy.

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !



Hello… Sorry… I skipped Summer…

My seasonal news are having trouble keeping up and so does my painting activity. With the tumultuous world events of these last months, I turned inside and re-painted the walls of my apartment, getting new strength from meditation, reading, contemplation, by adding coincidences… and with this beautiful Autumn full of energy I swam amid Fairy Tales at the 9th Festival ‘’Conter sous les avions" in Meyrin with my mask-making atelier for children of all ages.

and I will not miss this week’s nice exhibition Artistes au Service de la Paix at the 7ème édition du Montreux Art Gallery MAG , before curling up in hibernating mode

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !



New paintings on NEW Galeries... **** NEW Byblos

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


Re-Back to your diaries !!!





Le cahier des Artistes


Well, I realise I am a bit late in posting the Spring time ‘’Good News’’ but each second is so immediately present that it fills my entire space, and when both my PC and my Internet connections start playing games … I feel trapped in quantum space-time. So I swim with the current and keep smiling, time will eventually realign itself in surprising ways. What I want to tell you is that Everything is intense and I will be brief! First, the exhibition schedule:

With the Collectif des Artistes au Service de la Paix du Byblos --> a third exhibition of the "HUNGER FOR DIALOGUE?‘‘ in the beautiful setting of Schilliger in Gland from April 18th to May 15th.

--> We will also have the first of our third exhibition ‘’POLITICAL REFUGEES, ECONOMIC REFUGEES & THE OTHER, A BLESSING OR A THREAT ?’’ from May 16th to June 18th- This exhibition will continue at the Haut Comissariat des Nations Unies pour les Réfugiés (HCR) in Geneva on June 20th, being the second vernissage on the International Refugees Day .

Together with the artists of Meyrin, an exhibition of ‘’square formats’’ in the Galeries du Théâtre ForuMeyrin from June 17th to 25th 2011

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


Back to your diaries !!!





Le cahier des Artistes


So, the holidays are over !?! Back to your diaries – this Autumn will be a cultural and energy period..!!

For those of you who that couldn’t make it last March to the collective art exhibition ‘’Artistes for Peace’’ at the Palais the Nations Unies (UNO), organised by Byblos 09

‘’ The world is thirsty & Can Art change the world ?" Will be held again form October 4th to 18th at the Cité du Temps at the Pont de la Machine, Geneva, and the works will be auctioned between 20 October and 20 November . You can already bid for your preferred work at: Byblos@mybyblos.com

The Art exhibitions on the 2010 themes ‘’Hunger in the world’’ and ‘’Dialogue or confrontation of civilizations?’’, the exhibitions will taker place from October 18 th 30 at the Forum de l’Hôtel de Ville in Lausanne, and at the Palais des Nations Unies (UNO) from November 29 to December 31.

My own exhibition – ‘’Orgonite et Papiers’’ - will be at the Jardin Alpin from October 10 to 29 . The ‘vernissage’ is private and I will need a confirmation from those who wish to attend (HERE)

In the meantime, come September 18th, 2010 at the 8th Festival of Tales "Storytelling as the planes" ForumMeyrin.. to hear my son sing GEES at 6pm and tell Adriana from 10 am to midnight ... which will lead us gently to the Equinox with its meditation September 22-23 th...

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


New Gallery !!!


* NEW Technique  mixte .** NEW  huile / oil *** NEW Orgonite.**** NEW Byblos

I realized that some of my visitors had not spotted the new galleries in the sky of my website ... here is the latest addition ;-)

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !




What a beautiful Summer, with lots of sunshine, surprises, joy and sharing. Thank you Providence !!!

Let’s start with music, and to set the beat here is my son GEES’ second video clip, ‘’Dilemme’’… I tell you, TOP COOL!!! The clip was put together by Nina S Matter, another upcoming and growing talent !!! And to watch his first clip, here goes "J'aurais aimé".

His LP is due mid september, yes-yes, FINALLY !!! The right persons have been found… in the meantime you can reach GEES on: September 18th 2010 at 06:00 p.m. at the 8th Festival des Contes ‘’Conter sous les avions" at the Forum-Meyrin (from 10:00 a.m . to 12:00 p.m.)

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !



A little change in the Good News look … there is now a large dot on the counter line – it is the Princeton University Global Consciousness Project real time indicator of worldwide resonance and coherence, when millions of us share our emotions or some intentions at the same moments…!! An interesting statistical tool for worldwide meditations… and by the way on July 17 many of us will get together, including Conscious Convergence . If you are not into meditation or praying, then why not spend that day in happiness, peace, love and just feeling well, looking at the beauty around you, listening to the sounds of nature.. put your worries aside for the day and take care of yourself.

I wish you all a good and nice summer.

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


en bref :-)

On June 12 and 13, I shall be at the Bible de l'Art Singulier exhibition ‘’Les métamorphosées’’ at the musée de la Halle Saint-Pierre in Paris with What else… ? a little hello to ‘’you know who’’, since I use the aluminum from the capsules for my orgonite creations.

You are welcome to the Fête de la musique, where you should make it point to visit the Anyatas and JMI stands, both near the Treille in the Geneva old town.

And send a message of support to Aung San Suu Kyi on her birthday June 19…ICI

And finally don’t forget the summer solstice meditations, that should be prepared with conscience, joy, love and sharing.

A tout bientôt ... TOP ... See you soon !


International Women day !


.. Full ahead to 2010 …. Oops, Spring is already upon us… well almost… still a little cold outside!! I am not really mixed up with time, but I spend so much time painting or with orgonite so that time does not seem to exist anymore …. but I do enjoy myself a lot.

I have started the year in a state of active hibernation, working on the next Le Byblos theme for the ‘collectif Artistes au Service de la Paix’ (Artists for Peace), namely ‘Dialogue ou confrontation de civilisations?’ … a vast theme!!... and I am presently preparing for the exhibition at the United Nations in Geneva – the ‘vernissage’ will be on March 25, 2010 (if you feel like meeting me there, please click here)..

I am very proud to be able to participate in that exhibition. Proud because March 25th is the international Water day… and having visited drought-stricken countries, I am very aware of how lucky I am to live in Europe’s water tower, and a long-time fan of Dr Masaru Emoto’s work, I love WATER and I know my friend the orgonite does too.

Proud also to take along … Michael Jackson, who inspired the themes I present : ‘’Can art save the world?’’ and ‘’The world is thirsty’’. I dedicate this as an homage to this great Artist whose genius continues to inspire us… just listen to ‘’Planet Earth Poem…’’ or the beautiful ‘’We are the World for Haiti.’’

…. and proud also for my son GEES, the little boy on my Michael Jackson painting, who is living his childhood dreams. Things are moving forward for him, I will share the news with you very soon… in the meantime if you like his music and wish to encourage him, to help him along the path to his personal legend, you have the possibility to co-produce his album à find out more on ‘Créer-Soi-Même’.

and finally proud to be here - exactly 5 years ago, at the Equinox, I was staring Death in the face following a ruptured cerebral aneurysm, and symbolically speaking, it is a nice place to celebrate the anniversary of a re-birth !!!

To my family, my friends, my dear beloved… a thousand apologies for being so often unavailable and a thousand thanks for your patience and your love. And thank you Life.

... With all my gratitude ... ... I wish you the best ..




…X-mas time is approaching quickly, somewhat overshadowed by last week-end’s vote results… but I am sure this will not be the end of it :-)

… as December is having a strong start:

<:> Be curious  !!  :-) Deep down underground, the speed record of proton beams set at the CERN LHC. See the expected future discoveries at :> L'avis des "prix Nobel"

<:> And at ground level, the tramway finally arrives in Meyrin and do you know what?… the end-station is right on my doorstep !!

Inauguration of the new tramline on 12 December 2009
Programme 1:00 p.m-5:00 p.m
Free shuttles Avanchet-Gravières (every 5 minutes)
Artistic activities in the trams (see
site du tram)

So if you decide to attend the inauguration, take some time to visit my Atelier at 3 rue des Lattes, and if you are looking for some ideas for a gift, I will be selling my Orgonite collection (nice and useful, between CHF 33.- and 222.-) on December 16 and 17 2:00 p.m-9:00 p.m, let is be known

<:> And on December 21st I will be celebrating on WWW 8 years of presence of my website on the Internet – thousands of visits from over 80 countries!!! I feel very proud!!! I hope to have my on-line shop (including Paypal) up and running by then.. but look everywhere you will found surprise !!

So to thank you all here is a little video tale (conte-vidéo) from Canada.. with heart and accent, and an Amnesty solidarity action (action solidarité), a support message to be sent by December 10th

... With all my gratitude ... ... I wish you the best ..




he King of Pop..

In loving memory of the King of Pop and of heart..

As Byblos’Art goes to print, Michael Jackson has made his final journey to the stars.

Thank you Michael for your messages of peace and love.

A tout bientôt !... ... See you soon !




Time flies from one solstice to the next.

At the last solstice, I was busy with the Byblos Art challenge for a theme show: ‘’The World is thirsty, can Art change the World?’’. Quite a challenge!! I started with the triptych ‘’MJ entre ciel et terre’’ (MJ between Earth and Heaven) that I painted back in 2002 and that seemed to me to be to the point, and I retrieved notes that I took the previous winter during a course with Mara, an orgonaut, on making objects from a matter with magical properties – and environment-friendly… And thus time and space melted into Orgonite

Perfecting the casting technique by trial and error, latex, silicon, resin, pigments, metals, crystals… drowning it all in energy and cosmic showers that are so frequent in that period of time – I loved it and just couldn’t seem to stop – that is why there are so little news.. A thousand apologies ! !

Summer is starting and I wish that it will be a happy time for you, filled with love and joy – and first visit the Fete de la musique and my friend Frieda, at the JMI tent in the parc des Bastions – I am sure your taste-buds will enjoy it …

And now it is time for my website to keep me busy …. with hopefully some surprises, if my magic is still working, to show you my orgonites….

A tout bientôt ...... See you soon !




Thousand and one wishes of light for Happy New Year 2009 !!

with my son .. I'm Fan !! -->www.myspace.com/geesrnb

A tout bientôt ...... See you soon !



click click



As you know it if you are a fidel reader of my "good news"... (page created the 11th mai 2002).. May 11 is one day particular for me, then to celebrate it and still more..
I am putting one of my oil paintings entitled "MJ between sky and earth" up for auction on the Internet from May 11th to August 29th. To celebrate Michael Jackson's 50th birthday, and on the occasion of the 25 years of my son Guy (a.k.a Gees, who is also a singer )
The proceeds will be entirely donated to associations that I sponsor...
JMI, a Swiss humanitarian association based in Geneva, active in the field of integrating young underprivileged children of the Mekong delta in Vietnam. Objective 3000 bicycles !!! with Frieda Nguyen
And if the amount collected allow,
and ASEM , a charity created in 1991 by Barbara Hofmann to help the children of Mozambique, a country ravaged by years of war. And if we are really very lucky (I know but I like to dream big and large)...to Anyatas..

so.. if you wish to visit my workshop and to meet me, mark...

the weekend of May 24-25 --> Workshops Open Doors 2008 / Geneva / Map.

as of April 9 --> "Art Paper" Exposition permanante at the center Oasis / Geneva / Map

with the artworks presented in "The bible of the abstract art" which has been just published, as well as in my New gallery *** NEW Galerie .. did you find it further up on this page...?!

If you are interested in the artists quotations, you will find then in the latest"Larousse of quotations Drouot 2008"

With my warmest thanks.

A tout bientôt ... ... See you soon !





Spring is around the corner, and expect lots of energy ! Here is a nice programme to get started ! If you are curious, grab a unique opportunity to see what is going on a 100m right under my atelier...

Sunday April 6 --> Open Day at the CERN, a great adventure begins (...)

as of April 9 --> "Art Paper" Exposition permanante at the center Oasis / Geneva / Map

with the artworks presented in "The bible of the abstract art" which has been just published, as well as in my New gallery *** NEW Galerie .. did you find it further up on this page...?!

If you are interested in the artists' quotations, you will find then in the latest "Larousse of quotations Drouot 2008"

and then if you wish to visit my workshop and to meet me, mark...

the weekend of May 24-25 --> Workshops Open Doors 2008 / Geneva / Map.

A tout bientôt ... ... See you soon !




6 years online and some new things to see...!!
Thousand and one wishes of light for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008 !!

A tout bientôt ...... See you soon !




The Water Fountain of Geneva will be illuminated in red this Tuesday evening to draw the attention on the sufferings of the populations of Darfour, at the time of the Day of International Justice (...)

and a hommage from Paolo Cohelo to the moving monument

A tout bientôt !.. ...See you soon !




The Summer solstice is here again... Watch powerful Geneva in the night of 20th June 07. Thanks to Christophe Suarez, you will find more pictures on http://www.chasseurs-orages.com/

6 months gone, faster than I could even notice. Time flies.. I resumed my professional life after a 2 years forced break due to a ruptured brain aneurism... but most importantly I am now OK, even if a little slower.... so all of a sudden my schedules are full and I have a little less time to post the latest news, do the site-housekeeping and paint...

I will have to get into a new rythm and this year's programme will be somewhat lighter. If you wish to meet me...

on September 1 and 2, 2007 at Art'Air (Jardin Anglais, Geneva)

on September 29 and 30, 2007 hopefully at Lez'arts des Grottes (Geneva)

on November 9 and 14, 2007 at the Salon des Artistes Contemporains (at the Foire de Geneve)

This year
JMI will again be present at the Fete de la Musique in Geneva (promenade Saint-Antoine) and for to move in music go to my son's blog, GuyGees with all the news for to keep Contact !!!

Rdv next world meditations: on 7.7.7 with basculement harmonique and on 17.7.7--> fire the grid at.11:11GMT... and the july 25, it's the day for love and thanks to the water with Dr. Masaru Emoto.. !!

Let me wish you all a beautiful summer, well-deserved holidays and a bagful of love, and above all take good care of yourselves. And stay tuned for the Autumn events.

ps: a little gift... Woman in Art , beautiful morphing and sacred geometry with mandalas .. it's magical !!

A tout bientôt ! See you soon !




Let’s look back at this Autumn – all this happened under beautiful Indian Summer colours...

Despite mixed weather conditions, the Art'Air open air street workshop was a nice experience. We are all looking forward to next year!! Here are some pictures -->Click Click...

The vernissage at the Verrière du Jardin Alpin, was very nice – and continued well into the night. You were there? Click here to see some pictures... --> Click Click...

And here you may order the poetry book ‘’Femmes’’ by Albert Vayer - illustrated by yours truly -->Click Click...

The very first Salon des Artistes Contemporains 2006 at the Noga Hilton together with an auction sale in favour of Terre des Hommes, was a real interesting event... A unique opportunity to meet artists from all over the world... in an explosion of colours and shapes, a kind atmosphere and heart-warming encounters,, Babita Das, Véronique Maire, et Hyun-Mi Kim

Visit their web sites, there are some beautiful works !!!

some more pictures ? --> Click Click...

Don’t forget the Internet auction sale of two of my works until 11 December 2006 – in favour of the JMI and ASEM charities - on, .. www.jysuisjyreste.com

The 6th edition of the Larousse des Cotations 2007 will be a little late (mid December) , but from this edition on it will include a CD

And the courses and workshop programme is on line on this very site, under Expographie

Many thanks for your encouraging support !

A tout bientôt ...... See you soon !




Here we are, just before Autumn... and the wheel of time is spinning fast with so many news, an interesting time, the way I like it!!

Art'Air will take place in Geneva on September 1,2 and 3 - art and artists in the streets with exibition and an auction sale in favour of Little Dreams.

From 9.09.2006 to 11.12.2006 - to add even more color to this colourful season of the heart, and to nicely get us to Christmas, there will be an auction sale on the Internet by JMI and ASEM charities, together with Patrick of www.jysuisjyreste.com.

The 30th september, JMI charities sales --> voir info and the Geneva festival of the tales with the Artmeyrinois and Adriana in Meyrin -->voir info

Then, from October 6 to 26, the exhibition and publishing of Albert Vayer's poems, illustrated with my water paintings, at the Verrière du Jardin Alpin.

And finally from November 22 to 26 the Salon des Artistes Contemporains 2006 at the Noga Hilton, with an auction sale in favour of Terre des Hommes.

My programme of the various courses that will start in November can be found on-line.

Thank you all for your support !

A tout bientôt ...... See you soon !




Surprise, surprise !! Thank you KeepCool !

I am very proud to introduce my little big son, Guy, known to the music
world as Gees ... in "Samedi"


from "Rêve d'enfant" (Children's dream) by the group CONTACT ... Hear it - it's really cool !! Trust a mother's word !!

I told you Spring would be hot ... so how will Summer turn out? ... if
we keep going like this, it will be torrid...
but stay Zen, we are continuing..

''Certificat d'honneur'' at the "Parole en Art 06" Symposium - , I feel particularily honoured, since the art on display comes from deep memories of my past, from difficult times that I had to overcome.... A big thanks to Montreal, to the AJBQ association and to Nadia Nadege --> the exhibition continues until June 19th, 2006. And there will soon by pictures on-line !!
And since good news come in three's, today I quit smoking.. !!!

A tout bientôt ...... See you soon !





Hello! things are slowly settling down.. I begin today the English Good News with the general request

Albert Vayer's poetry collection is about to be published, along with the vernissage of the watercolours included in the book. This will be on October 6, 2006 at the Jardin Alpin in Meyrin. Reserve the evening for this occasion.

And for your listening pleasure , here is my son Guy's first ''single''

Contact is not yet available in music shops, but you can hear it on the air and dancefloors, and as a special present here.. :-( .. well, doesn't seem to work... am not yet able to link mp3 files same as image files I am looking for a solution. In the meantime, here is Guy singing along with Double Pact, the chorus of "Au revoir" ...

.. Cool - it seems to work..!!