21 décembre 2003

Happy birthday!!! Here are, 2 years that the site is on line:
14 distinctions and Awards
50 small messages in guestbook,
4219 Hosts coming from 62 countries, therefore currently hundred to a hundred and fifty visits per week.

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and . .com, .org , .biz etc.. and even .mil (militaire (É.-U.));)

it’s nevertheless better than the frequentation of my last varnishing it was really very intimist.
Did oasis bearing its name well, accomodate time pause some escaped travellers of the swirl of the hollidays, saved by the ambient epidemics, in a harbour of savours, perfumes and of plenitude. Forgotten delays and hitches, initiation with the Chinese teas which was envisaged, the moment present sacrilized. Desires to explore new horizons… discovered…
Thank you in Gaspard, Fencienne and Benoît!

Here come the Winter solstice, the bridges rainbow span the Eart, the return of the light offers to us to balance our energies female and male, in meditation, celebration, prayers or just with being in full conscience to share the instant in the middle of our beloveds so to anchor Peace and Harmony in our life and on this good old mother-earth.
But the sun still reserves to us many surprises!!