8 Mars 2004

The mobilization gained the Swiss cities for the Day of the women. The action was started early morning by concerts of alarm clock-morning in the stations,the shopping centres, the streets, some distributions of red balloons and leaflets, music, the women exchanged the colour pink fuchsia against the red of anger and observed "Fifteen minutes of anger" while stopping between 11h00 and 11h15 on their place of work or house. The female organizations, trade unions, coeds are on the way to make of March 8 a national event

PS: and if I tell you that the Creator needed 6 days of a ceaseless work for "to make" the woman.

An Angel would have appeared to him and said.: "Why do you pass so much time on this?"

And the Creator answers him: "did you see the sheet of work for this project? It is completely washable, with 200 moving parts and all replaceable, that runs with the black coffee and with the remainders of meal, that comprises knees being able to support 3 children at the same time, and has Kisses which can all cure: of a wounded knee to a broken heart ... and that has 6 pairs of hands !! ".

The Angel is deafened with requirements of this model... 6 pairs of hands?!?

So let us see!!! "It far too much is work for only one day... thus wait tomorrow to finish" says it to the Creator.

But I cannot!" answer the Creator, "I am so hurry to have finished what I cherished so much. Imagine, that is cured already all alone when it is sick AND that can nevertheless work of the 18 hours /days!"

The Angel approaches and touches creation while saying: "But did it to you so soft!" The Creator approves. "Indeed, it is soft but it is also solid. You don't have any idea of all that it can endure and achieve!"

"will it be able to think?" ask the Angel.

The Creator retorts: "Not only it will think but it will be able also to reason and negotiate."

The Angel notices something then and approaches the model of woman and touches her cheek. "Oups, it seems that your model has an escape! I had also said to you that you did too much of it!".

"It is not an escape, it is a tear." object the Creator.

"And for what are used the tears?" ask the Angel.

The Creator explains to him: "the tears are the way of the woman of expressing her joy, her sorrow, her pain, her disappointments, her loneliness, her compassion and her pride"

The Angel is impressed... "But you are a genius! You thought of all so that the woman is really an exceptional being!"

- the women have enough force to astonish the men.

- They can support companies and conflicts and hold the joy, the love and happiness.

- They smile when they would like to shout.

- They sing when they would like to cry.

- They cry when they are content and laugh when they are nervous.

- They fight for the causes in which they believe and counters the injustice.

- They don't accept one "not" as answer when they know that there is a better solution.

- They are deprived so that their family does not have to do it.

- They accompany a friend worry to the doctor.

- They like unconditionally.

- They cry when their children excel and when their friend's succeeds.

- They are happy to learn a childbirth or a marriage.

- They are defeats with the loss of a member of their family but remain strong even when they think that they will not be able it any more.

- They know that a tender hug and a kiss can cure a sorrow of love.

- the women are of any size, any color and any form.

- They drive cars and planes, work, run, send mails to you to remember that they love you.

- the heart of the women is what makes turn the world! - They bring joy and hope to you.

- They give you compassion and ideals.

- They offer a moral support to their families and friends.

- the women have much to say and offer.

Transmit this to all the women whom you know to recall them to what a not they are EXCEPTIONAL... and to all the men whom you know to recall them what a not to the women are exceptional!!!